;w; Howdy. So I was wondering if anyone would maybe do 2 or 4 PLBC predicts for me for 10 gp? atm I don’t have much gp. So I can maybe give you Ghost Chocolates and maybe something else as well. c’: If interested, send me a message at #13049.

I love when Pause shot Ant by mistake with his bow, Chad comes into the call goes ‘So Pause’ and Guude just goes ‘Hi Chad’ And then #forthehorse is talked about. Ahhh these guys.

Can I just say how much I love Guude for saying that someone stepped on a Lego, EVERY TIME CHAD CAME INTO THE CALL. Like omg. That’s his only response and it’s amazing and perfect. Ugh. <3 And the voice that Chad used when he asked Pause. ‘Pause. What did you just do?’ Like ugh. Chad you are adorable, sir. xD

c: Just as it says. I’m looking for Melos to PLBC :D

I Vote Chad To Join Mindcrack

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Hey Everyone! So, I found a Melo I absolutely need in my life, and so I’m selling some customs in our shop:

Shop And also here are some PSDs Nine has made and are for sale: Nine’s PSD shop c: We really appreciate it. <3

;; Idk how to draw humans at all. Ugh. Even with refs and poses. Idk how to draw the Buneary or Haunter guy. Or knives. Or anything pretty much. Why did I agree to join this RP thing. That was the worse idea I could have had. I can’t draw gijinkas. ;w; ugggggh.

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